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This website was compiled by Ron Houston and published by the Society of Folk Dance Historians --

No words or static pictures can teach you to dance, but this Web site can enhance your knowledge and enjoyment of the dances you already know.

The website was created in 2003 by Sheetal S. Shidhaye, augmented and updated in 2007 by Xueying "Amy" Bai, redesigned in 2009 and 2011 respectively by Walter Moczygemba and Sarah Powell.

Many, many thanks to Lynn Westbrook, Ph.D., the computer gurus, and the rest of the faculty and staff of the School of Information at the University of Texas at Austin for support and guidance in creating this website.

Many thanks, also, to Eddie Cordray for hosting this Web site. All content, opinions, and mistakes, however, have nothing to do with Eddie and derive solely from the SFDH.


Terms, titles, and names appear on this website in their most common forms and spellings, based on usage by the worldwide International Folk Dance (IFD) community.

Less common forms and spellings appear when known, along side more common forms and spellings. Knowledge of IFD usage comes from the editor's personal IFD experience begun in 1955 and from extensive research through the IFD literature.

Non-standard orthographies (all those funny-looking letters) that appear in other languages are sometimes transliterated into their English-language, Roman-character equivalents as expressed in the 8-bit ISO Latin-1 character set (ISO 8859/1). Character equivalents were chosen by common usage rather than by international transliteration standards. Some computers may display some characters incorrectly. You may also want to change your browser font to see the correct characters.

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