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List of CDs from who thanks Thomas Weden of Tower Records, Boston

1. Albanie / Vocal & Instrumental Polyphony, LDX #274897

2. Famille Lela de Permet / Polyphonic Vocals and Lastr, Indigo LBLC #2503

3. Folk Music of Albania, Topic #904

4. V.1 Music of the Balkans: Albania and the Central Balkans, Allegro #706 (FM)

5. Silvana Licussi: Far From the Land of the Eagles, Lyrichord LYRCD #7413

6. Albanie: Polyphonies Vocales du Pays Lab / Ensemble vocal de Gjirokaster, INEDIT 260065

7. Laver Bariu: Songs from the City of Roses, GlobeStyle CD ORBD 091. Albania's most renowned clarinetist

8. Vocal Traditions of Albania, Saydisc CD-SDL 421

9. Thanassis Moraitis: Arvanitic Songs, FM Allegro 652. Issued in Greece. Thanassis Moraitis, an Arvanite created this for concert rather than folk music.

10. Kenge Nga Shqiperia dhe Austria / Songs from Albania and Austria, Kultur CD 51095-1

From Yves Moreau:


Marcel Cellier Collection, Disques Pierre Verany (France) licenses from Disques Cellier, (Switzerland). CD: PV 750010 (originally put out as L'ALBANIE FOLKLORIQUE on vinyl, Cellier INT 147.602). This is a 1995 re-release of Cellier's 1979 release. (I guess Cellier likes to cash in on the term "Mystere" which brought him fame (Les Voix Bulgares etc....) Very nice cuts (with little information) mostly from Radio Tirana archives.

12. RROMANO DIVES - Musique Rromani D'Albanie - Chaj Zibede. AL SUR Records (France) ALCD 172 (M7 853) 1996 release. Rom music from Albania. Well-known group which has performed in France, Germany, Austria with well-known Rom singer Astrir Qerimi with good musicians. Great dance music ("chochek" etc.). 30-page booklet with song texts and translations. A few mislabeled tracks.

13. SOUS LES PEUPLIERS DE BILISHT. Originally released on vinyl by the OCORA-Radio France label (1981). 558 572 (CD number may be different). This was part of a "Yugoslavia" (Macedonia) series (along with East Serbian Vlach LP - Les Bougies du Paradis). The album was recorded by H. Vuystelke (who also released his 5-CD Bulgarian collection on Le Chant du Monde). Tracks were recorded in the villages of Arvat/Krani, Leskoec, Zagracani, Veleshta, Radolishta in the Prespa and Ohrid areas. Mostly Tosk polyphonic songs and a few instrumental dance tunes. Similar to some of Bob Leibman's great recordings (SELO-LP-2, 1974)

14. FOLKLORE INSTRUMENTAL ALBANAIS - ALBANIAN INSTRUMENTAL FOLK MUSIC. DISQUES VENDEMIAIRE (France) VDE PAL 114 (AD37). Production AAFA, 11 rue Bichat , Paris 75010. This excellent record was produced in 1981 with the cooperation of Instituti i kultures popullore (Tirane) and Radio Tirana. It focuses only on examples of most well-known Albanian folk instruments such as: kavalla, pipez, fyell, cifteli, pipeza, gajde, surle, daulle, zumare, buzuk, bilbil, sharki, bakkllama etc.


15. Bob Leibman, Tosk singing and instrumental music from Prespa, Macedonia. SELO-LP-2, 1974

16. 1940s and 50s 78 rpms on the Rekorde Shqiptar label with violinist Demka Hajros of Detroit. Re-released on LP. Rekorde Shqiptar may have been owned by llauta player Ajdin Asllan, owner of the Balkan label.

17. 'There where the avalanche stops' - Touch T33.11 (England). Vol. 1 1990, no Vol. 2. From National Folklore Festivals in Gjirokaster (S. Albania), with groups from Vlora, Gjirokaster, Korca in the south and Shkodra, Dibra and Tropoja in the north.

18. 'The Dirge of Permet' Laver Bariu - Lyra CD - 0188 (Greece). Released by the IOFA of Athens, with Laver Bariu on clarinet and vocals along with other musicians from the Southern Albania town of Permet.

19. 'Kenge dhe Valle Shqiptare' - Liria - Albanian Recording Cmpy, Free Albania Organization, Boston. #CO - 2975/76/77/78/79. 5 LP re-releases of 78s.

20. 'Kenge dhe Valle Shqiptare' - Rekorde Shqiptar - Shoqeria-Jeta e Re (US) presented by Shefka Hajro Korca. Some duplications from 17.

21. 'Albania and her Gypsies' - Bruno Hi-Fi Series (from the series - 'Around the World') BR 50111. Albanian ensembles of the 1950s and 60s.

22. 'Songs and Dances of Albania' - Balkan, NY. 3 LPs:.501/502/503. Emigre recordings from S. Albania.

23. 'Albania - polifonia vocale e musica strumentale' Vols.1 & 2. - Fonit Cetra (Italy) 2 LPs: SU 5009/5010 (1980s). Vol. 3 not issued.

24. Jugoslavie 3 - 'Besa ou la Parole Donnee' Ocora OCR 558619. Recorded by Herman C. Vuylsteke, Dec. 1986. See also 13 above.