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Alford, Violet


Author of books about folk dance.


Dances of France, III. The Pyrenees. Alford, Violet. New York: Crown, 1952.

The Hobby Horse and Other Animal Masks. Alford, Violet. London: 1978. (GT 1748 E85 A53 1978 PCL).

Introduction to English Folklore. Alford, Violet. London: Bell, 1952. (398 AL28I PCL).

Peeps at English Folk Dances: Containing 12 full-page illustrations, 4 being in colour. Alford, Violet. London: 1923. (GV 1646 E6 A6 FAL).

Pyrenean Festivals, Calendar Customs, Music & Magic, Drama & Dance. Alford, Violet. 1937. (914.65 AL28P PCL).

Sword Dance and Drama. Alford, Violet. London: 1962; Philadelphia, 1965. (GV 1796 S9 A4 FAL).

The Traditional Dance. Alford, Violet, and Rodney Gallop. London, England: Methuen, 1935.


The Blue Dress. Alford, Violet.

Wind from the South. Alford, Violet.

Dances introduced: