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Aromanian Language

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Other names:

Vlakhika (in Greek) derived from the name of the Romanian region Wallachia

Arumâna (in Romanian)

Four languages split from a Latin prototype centuries ago, perhaps in the 4th century A.D., although Romanian nationalists feel the four languages demonstrate a once-larger Romania.

Aromanian occurs in Epirus and Macedonia (Greece), around Lake Ohrid (Albania), and around Cupa and Livez (Macedonia).

Meglenoromanian occurs in a small area northeast of the larger Aromanian area, in the towns Sirminina, Cainsco, Hume, Lundzin, Birslov, Ninta, Oshani, Liumnitsa, Tirnareca, and Barovitsa, between Thessaloniki and Skopje along the Axios/Vardar River valley.

Istroromanian occurs on and near the Adriatic peninsula of Istria, west of Zagreb.

Dacoromanian we now call Romanian.


Ardian Vehbiu