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a dance

From: Ron Houston. Folk Dance Problem Solver (1987). Austin, Texas: Society of Folk Dance Historians], 1987.

(at-LAN-tik MIKS-er) = Atlantic Mixer


Grosser Atlantik.


This is a "modern German folk dance", introduced to Germany in 1948 by A.J. Hildenbrand of Hamburg, and danced to the tune Grosser Atlantik. It seems to be derivative of Jaegermarsch. Some US folk dancers, especially on the West Coast, use this music for the Bavarian/Austrian St. Gilgen Figurentanz because the original tune for that dance, Marschierbayrisch, isn't readily available.


Circle of couples, woman to partner's R. Hands joined and held up at shoulder height in varsouvienne position: L hands joined in front of woman's L shoulder, R hands joined above and forward of woman's R shoulder.

1-4Machtst du Nichts!
1-8Walk forward around the circle CCW, 16 steps, starting onto R ft.
 Women turn back. Let go L hands. Men assist women to turn with R hand.
1-8Women turn CW in place, then drop R hands with partner and walk CW around the outside of the circle 16 steps while the men continue walking CCW around the inside of the circle 16 steps.

Note: some groups dance this part with the men clapping hands as in Jaegermarsch. Sounds like a good idea to me.

  Handtouren. Join R hands, palm to palm with forearms touching or in a thumb-grasp, with the nearest new partner.
1-4 Turn CW around partner with 8 walking steps.
5-8= 1-4, circling CCW with L hands joined.
 Swing. Take ballroom position but with your R hip directly beside your partner's R hip, and the outside of your R ft directly beside the outside of your partner's R ft.
1-8Dance 16 buzz step swings.

Resume varsouvienne position and repeat the dance for a total of 5 times. Don't re-form your big circle after the last time.