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Balkan Table Songs

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Epitrapezia, in Greece. Trapezi is table in Greek.

Na Trapeza, in Bulgaria.

?, Byzantine Greece.

?, in Macedonia.

?, in Albania.

?, in Banat. Table music is unmetered doine, instrumental, vocal, or both.

Astalske pesme, in Vojvodina. E.g., "Izgubljeno jagnje" (the lost lamb). From Hungarian asztal, festive table.


Martha Forsyth. Listen, Daughter, and Remember Well. St. Kliment Ohridski University Press 1996.
Songs from the village of Bistritsa.

At the Festive Table: a 3-page intro to Na Trapeza and about 15 songs:
epic or balladic songs sung at festive gatherings: christening, wedding, sending off your son to the army, etc.