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Bat Hareem

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a dance

From: Ron Houston. Folk Dance Problem Solver (1987). Austin, Texas: Society of Folk Dance Historians, 1987.

(BAHT ha-REEM) = daughter of the hills


Bat Harim (sic). Mee Dolga Chofezet.


Choreographed by Shalom Hermon in the late 1950's to the music and words of Amitai Ne'eman, this Israeli dance was presented by Rivka Sturman to the US in 1957. Quoting the IMF 7 record notes: "This dance is dedicated to the beautiful city of Haifa on the slopes of Mount Carmel overlooking the sparkling Mediterranean Sea."


Circle, no partners, hands joined and down.

1-4No action. Start dancing when the singing starts.
  First half: traveling.
 A. Step-hop and grapevine. Face to R, CCW around circle.
1Step-hop forward to R onto: L ft, R ft (cts 1,2 and cts 3,4).
2Step to R in front of R ft onto L ft (ct 1), leap (as high and as far as you can without losing the count or bothering your neighbors) to R onto R ft (ct & of 2), leap to R behind R ft onto L ft (ct 3), leap to R onto R ft (ct 4).
 B. Step-hop and cherkessiya.
3= bar 1 of A.
4Step forward onto L ft (ct 1), leap in place onto R ft (ct 2), touch L toe back, no weight (ct 3), lift and lower R heel (ct 4).
5-8= 1-4.
 Second half: wait a minute.
 C. Toe, heel, brush, hop, back, back, forward, forward. Bend over slightly and:
1Touch L toe beside R ft (ct 1), touch L heel beside R ft (ct 2), brush L ft forward and straighten up (ct 3), hop on R ft (ct 4).
2Leap back onto: L ft, R ft (cts 1,2), leap forward onto: L ft, R ft (cts 3,4).
 B. Step-hop and cherkessiya.
3-4= 3-4 of first half.
5-8= 1-4.
 Repeat dance from the beginning, 4 times and a bit.
Mee dolga chofezet al sela mefazezet? Who skips and swiftly hurries and leaps from rock to cliff?
Bat Karmel hee ya'el chemdat hareem. The daughter of Mount Carmel, the sweet doe of the hills.
Geel tschoka yarkeea re'a la (ha)rakeea Her joyous laughter rings and rises to heaven
v'acheem la rivoh hakochaveem. and her brothers the myriad stars.
Zohar leilot y'fros la ka'aderet boker ye'or beron hatseeporeem Night-brilliance cloaks her, morning dawns with bird-songs,
Achshav teega ha'elem ut'chapsena tsada hee bashveeleem haneestareem. in vain the boy reachs out to touch her, she hides and waits amid the hidden paths.