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Baztan Dantza

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a dance

From: Ron Houston. Folk Dance Problem Solver (1987). Austin, Texas: Society of Folk Dance Historians, 1987.

(BAWHS-tawn DAWN-saw) = dance from the Baztan Valley of Navarre, Basque country

No OTHER NAMES that I know of.


Quoting Westwind notes: "This is one of the Mutil-dantzas, of "men's dances" characteristic of Navarre's Baztan Valley. It is traditionally a men's social dance, although today women are sometime allowed to join in. It was learned by Candi deAlaiza from Marie Maritorena in 1975. There are many versions of this dance both in Europe and among American Basques."


Men and allowed women in a circle, all facing CCW, hands unjoined and down at sides.

1No action. Listen carefully for the 3 drum beats (cts 1,2,3).
  1. Forward and turn.
1Run forward 3 steps onto: R ft, L ft, R ft (cts 1,2,3), hop on R ft (ct 4).S
2= 1 with opposite footwork.
3Raise hands head high and turn once CW with 2 step-hops onto: R ft, L ft (cts 1,2,3,4). Click fingers twice (cts 2,4).
4= 1, with hands lowered again.
5-8= 1-4 with opposite footwork, still moving CCW around the circle but turning CCW.

Note: do all hops with free heel kicked up before the supporting ft.

 2. Short turns.
1-2= bars 3-4 of step 1 (= 2 step-hops turning CW and 3 steps forward).
3-4= 1-2, with opposite footwork and moving CW (in reverse direction) around circle.
5-8= 1-4. Note: don't click fingers when turning CCW and moving CW.
 3. No turns.
1-2= 1-2 of step 1 (= 3 steps forward, twice). Swing R ft in a small CW circle and:
3Step behind L ft onto R ft (ct 1), hop on R ft, swinging L ft around behind R ft (ct 2), repeat cts 1-2 with opposite footwork (cts 3-4).
4Step back, back, forward, onto: R ft, L ft, R ft (cts 1,2,3), hop on R ft (ct 4).
5-8= 1-4 with opposite footwork.
 4. Long turn. Raise hands head high and:
1-3= bar 3 of step 1, 3 times in all (= 6 step-hops turning CW).
4= bar 1 of step 1 (= 3 steps forward).
5-6= bars 7-8 of step 1 (2 step-hops CCW plus 3 steps forward (CW around circle)).
7-12= 1-6. Take a fourth step (ct & of 4 of bar 12) or leave one out (ct 2 of bar 12).
 5. Interlude. Facing CCW around circle:
1Step onto L ft (ct 1), hopping on L ft, kick R ft forward about 36 cm (ct 2), turn 180° CCW to face CW around the circle with 2 steps onto R ft, L ft (cts 3,4).
2= 1 with opposite footwork. Don't turn, but end facing CW around the circle.
3Clap (hands) thrice, chest high (cts 1,2,3).
4-6= 1-3, in mirror image, to end facing CCW.

Note: always turn toward the center of the circle.

Note: initial step of each bar is onto the inside ft.

 Repeat the dance from the beginning. Then:
1-2Touch L toe across R ft; pivot 270° CW to end facing center. Don't bow or curtsy.