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Beliajus, Vytautus Fintarus "Vyts"



Teacher and author of books on Lithuanian and international folk dance and culture, and editor of Viltis magazine.


(books and syllabi, articles listed below):

Camp Manison. Vyts Beliajus. n.p., 1967.

Dance and Be Merry, vol.I, collected and described by Finadar Vytautas Beliajus. Chicago: Summy, 1940.
Instructions and music for 31 folk dances from many lands, including non-partner Balkan and Middle East dances. (have).

Dance and Be Merry, vol.II: collected and described by Finadar Vytautas Beliajus. Chicago: Summy, 1942.
Instructions and music for 16 folk dances from many lands, including longer routines and Polish dances. (have).

The Dance of Lietuva, 54 circle and folk dances from Lithuania, collected and described by Finadar Vytautas Beliajus. Chicago: Summy, 1951.
Instructions for 54 dances, and material about Lithuania (have).

The Evening Song. Vakarinee Daina; a collection of Lithuanian folk tales, legends and fables, compiled and translated by Vytautas F. Beliajus. Illustrated by Louis Denov, 1st ed. Los Angeles: Bonnie Press, 1954. (have).

Kentucky Dance Institute: at Morehead State College, Morehead, Kentucky. by Beliajus, Vyts, and others. Morehead, Ky., Morehead State College, 1962. (OCLC 7839452).

Khanukkah, a Holiday Jolly. Beliajus, Vyts. Denver: V.F. Beliajus, 1974. (OCLC 7906729).

Let's Be Merry, Linksmi Beukim. Beliajus, Vytautas Finadar. Delaware, Ohio: Cooperative Recreation Service, 1951, 38p. (OCLC 17414841).

Lithuanian Festival. Beliajus, Vyts. Channing Hall, 25 March, 1972. n.p., n.d.
(=? Lithuanian Festival in Houston, 3-72).

Lore, a folklore magazine published by Vyts Beliajus, 1936-1938 or 1939. Chicago, Ill.: Chicago Park System.
Described by Vyts as "sort of like a forerunner of VILTIS," published with WPA money.

Merrily Dance. Vyts Beliajus. Delaware, Ohio: Cooperative Recreation Service, 1947.
Instructions and music for 12 dances. (have).

Merrily Dance, 2d ed. rev. Vyts Beliajus. Delaware, Ohio: a href="ea.php?a=cooprs">Cooperative Recreation Service, 1955, 24p. (OCLC 9276164 & 2278186).

Ona: a collection of short stories. Vytautas F. Beliajus; illustrations by Gloria Ptaicek Andersson. Denver: A.D. Nix, 1977. (OCLC 13927540); Denver: V.F. Beliajus, 1977. (OCLC 3631070).

Viltis, a folklore and dance magazine, published by Vyts Beliajus from about 1942 to 1944 as a mimeographed (armed) services newsletter, then as a printed publication from September, 1944 to Vyts' death in 1994, when it was assumed by the International Institute of Milwaukee, Wis.

Viltis foods of the world, 1st ed., compiled by Vytautas Finadar Beliajus. Denver: V.F. Beliajus, 1973, 98p. (OCLC 696800).

The Vyts Beliajus Festival and Workshop. Boulder, Colorado:, May 9-10, 1958.
Medax Tashginag, Bardezuh Mer, Hora de la Baltsi, Neda Grivne, Thady You Gander, Il Codiglione, Treffnertanz, Baanopstekker, Zomervreagd, El Gallo Copetton, Marioara, Al Tiruni, Ki Tinam, El Escondido, El triunfo, Levante Tanc, Zabarka, Peerdesprong, El Nido de Amor, El Gallo Copeton.


(articles -- books and syllabi listed above):

Beliajus, Vyts. "Judeo-Israeli Dances," Viltis, vol. ?.
Also appeared in the 1949 Annual of the College of Jewish Studies.

----. 1950. "New Folk Dance Book -- Jewish dance -- by Ruth Zehava," Viltis, vol. 10.
Review of Zehava's book.

----. 1952. "Dancing in Biblical Times," Let's Dance, April, 1952.

----. 1952. "Jewish Music," Viltis, vol. 12.

----. 1952. "Dancing Sects of the 17th and 18th Centuries," Let's Dance, August, 1952.

----. "As For Myself -- Jewish Orthodoxy in the U.S.," Viltis, vol. ?.

----. "American Jewish Tercentenary," Viltis, vol 14, p. 4.

----. "American Jews," Viltis, vol 14, pp. 5-7.

----. "Judaica," Viltis, vol 14, pp. 8-10.

----. "World Jewry," Viltis, vol 14, pp. 11-12.

----. "Jews in Holland," Viltis, December 1985 and May, 1954.

----. "New Folk Dance Book," Viltis, vol. ?.
Review of Kelakova and Berk's ...

----. The Lithuanian Song and Dance. Vyts Beliajus, in Let's Dance, April 1959.

----. 1959. "The Jews of Jugoslavia and the Balkans," Viltis, vol. 19, 1959.

----. 1960. "Jews From Bukhara," "Yemenite-Arab Jews," "Inbal Yemenite Dance Company," Viltis, vol. 20, pp. 6-11.

----. 19 . "CH versus KH in Hebrew," Viltis, vol. , p. 3.

----, collector. "Jewish Adages," Viltis, vol. , p. 12, and Vol. , p. 15.

----. . "India Jews Fading," Viltis, vol. , p. 15.

----. 1961. "Folk Dance Situation, 1961," Viltis, vol. 21.
See also Berk, Fred. "Anent Israeli Dance Situation, 1961," Viltis, vol. 21. Response to "Folk Dance Situation, 1961" by Vyts Beliajus.
See also: Denov, Louis. 1961. "Kolo, Jazz and Israeli," Viltis, vol. 21, p. 26. Letter to the editor in response to "Folk Dance Situation, 1961," by Vyts Beliajus.
See also: Freehof, Florence E.. ----. 1961. "More About Israeli Dance Situation," Viltis, vol.21, p. 26.
Letter to the editor in response to "Folk Dance Situation, 1961," by Vyts Beliajus.

Other Articles:

Beliajus, Vyts and Kaufman, Gert. 19 . "The Palestinian Dance and Gert Kaufman," Viltis, vol. ?.

----. 19??. "Kaufman Versus Beliajus," Viltis, vol. ?.

Dances introduced:


1954: Idyllwild Folk Dance Workshop, 1954