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Berk, Fred


Born Friedrich Berger [1911-1980].

Married for a while to Katya Delakova.

Modern dancer and then author of books about Israeli dance.

"Delakova and Berk," Performance review, by A.B., in Dance Magazine, May 1946, p.14.


Dances of Palestine. Delakova, Katya, and Berk, Fred. Drawings by Myril Adler. New York: B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundations, 1947, 1948, 32p. (OCLC 29218264); (OCLC 29100940).
Instructions and music for 11 dances collected in the United States.

Hora, Israeli dance periodical. Berk, Fred, ed. New York: American Zionist Youth Foundation.

The Jewish Dance, an anthology. Berk, Fred, ed. New York: Exposition Press, 1960.
Articles about Jewish dance.

Jewish Folk Dance Book. Delakova, Katya, and Berk, Fred. Music arranged by Sylvia Marshall; illustrations by Julian Feingold. New York: National Jewish Welfare Board, 1948, 45p. (OCLC 3334029, photocopy 27876860).

New Israel Folk Dances: Twelve dances with music, text and instructions. Berk, Fred.

Ten Folk Dances in Labanotation. Venable, Lucy, and Berk, Fred.

Tikva Record T-80 Dance Instructions. Berk, Fred.

Dances introduced: