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Blake, Lois

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Author of books about Welsh folk dance. See also W.S. Gwynn Williams


  • Dances of England and Wales. Karpeles, Maud, and Blake, Lois. London: Parrish, 1950; New York: Chanticleer, 1951.
  • The Llangadfan Dances, 2nd ed. Blake, Lois & W.S. Gwynn Williams. 1954.
    The Roaring Hornpipe, Round O, Aly Grogan, Lumps of Pudding.
  • Welsh Morris and other Country Dances. Blake, Lois & W.S. Gwynn Williams. 1938.
    Welsh Morris Dance, Dainty Davy, Of Noble Race was Shenkin, Bishop of Bangor's Jig.
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