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Bre Petrunko

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Transcription and translation by Tatiana Nikolova-Houston of lyrics from 15 Godini Dûrzhaven Ansambûl za Narodni Pesni i Tantsi: Izbrani Pesni ot Filip Kutev

Bre Petrunko, malay mome Hey Petrunka, young girl
Vse yodime yobidome We've gone all over
Nigde yoro ne naydo me Nowhere did we find a dance
V vashe selo dor tri yora In your village there are three dances
Parvo yoro Petrunkino The first dance is little Petrunka's
Petrunitsa yoro vodi Little Petrunka leads the dance
Yozdol ide ludo mlado Up came a wild fellow
Ne se fana na sredata He doesn't go to the middle
Nay se fana na tanetso But he joins at the head
10 Na tanetso do Petrunka At the head by Petrunka
11 S per iko si kitka roni He tears her bouquet with his forehead
12 S nozde si yi ekli kalya He muddies her slippers with his feet.