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Mozart, Allen

a publisher


Publisher of Scottish dances.

Glasgow, Scotland.


Baldovan Dances

Corstorphine Fair

Dundee Civic Jig

Dunlugas House

Elliot's Fancy

Hereford Rant

Jimmy Shand Jig

Kendoon Set Dances

Letham Ladies

Mrs. Harrison's Rant

Mrs. Hepburn Belches

Misses Gordon of Rafford

Miss Jarviss's Reel

Miss Murray, Lintrose

Morison Rant

The New Ashludie Rant

New Scotland Strathspey

The Queen's Bridge

South Inch House

Stirling Castle

Strathclyde Set Dances

The Struan Reel

Welcome to Queen's Cross

Winding Deveron