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Folk Dance Organizations (To update a link, e-mail us via the "Contact us" page.)

The best way to keep up-to-date on other groups involved in Recreational International Folk Dance, of course, is to join the Society of Folk Dance Historians and receive our annual Folk Dance Directory. This is just a sampling of our friends across the country and around the world:

Northwest Folkdancers, Inc.

National Folk Organization

Folk Arts Center of New England (FACONE)

Folk Dance New Zealand

Traditional Square & Contra Dance in Denmark

Burg Fürsteneck, Akademie für berufliche und musisch-kulturelle Weiterbildung

Folk Dance Resources

Dick Oakes' International Folk Dance Resources


EEFC Archives: Containing information about Balkan music and dance

Hebrew Songs: Songs for many of the Israeli dances that we do

Boston University Digital Video Research Archive of Morris, Sword and Clog Dancing: English and American performances 1975-present

General Resources

Copyright Tutorial: What you can steal and what you cannot

Noncash Charitable Contributions: Tells you when you can use IRS Form 8283